Thursday, June 08, 2006

what do you think?

I think this group sings phenominally. They have other songs that are completely non-Jewish (Gospel - which i think happens to be beautiful music) but this one is in another language... does it count? hehe.

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Thursday, May 11, 2006


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Sunday, April 09, 2006


Can someone please explaing or clarify this to me?

Towards the end of Shabbos i went on a walk with my friend and walked passed the dorm on president street. I saw this frum looking guy walking towards the dorm holding an attache case as if a laptop was inside. As he got closer, he took off his yarmulka and walked into the dorm... It was still shabbos... I'm so confused.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Vegas continued

I will update this post soon but first i found this hysterical movie i am putting in my next post.

Monday, March 27, 2006


By the way... this is the model of the car we were upgraded to, the Toyota Solara.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Blue Man Group. Oops! I was caught taking a picture. Go to this show if/when you go to vegas. It was very funny! Posted by Picasa

Gondola ride INSIDE the Venetian Posted by Picasa

Inside Entrance/Exit @ the Bellagio Posted by Picasa

Snail made from flowers Posted by Picasa

Birds and eggs (made from flowers) Posted by Picasa

In the Bellagio. There leaves/flowers are made of glass and on the ceiling. Posted by Picasa

more Posted by Picasa

the water show at the Bellagio. STUNNING! Posted by Picasa

more... Posted by Picasa

Looking over the water by the Bellagio Posted by Picasa

Paris Posted by Picasa

Ceasars Palace Posted by Picasa

In middle of the hotel Posted by Picasa

Inside but outside looking up Posted by Picasa

Our second hotel Posted by Picasa

the rows and rows of slow machines Posted by Picasa

Cirque du Soleil - end of the show Posted by Picasa

Do we really look alike?

The photographer didn't get the full sign. It's one of the entrances to the huge tradeshow. We got so many comments from people asking if we were twins, sisters, relatives... and they were shocked to hear we had no relation to each other! Posted by Picasa

Isreali breakfast-sure tasted better than this looks Posted by Picasa

The Mirage hotel Posted by Picasa

First pic in Vegas Posted by Picasa

Las Vegas Pic

The long drive to get food. Check out the beautiful scenery.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Back from Vegas!

I'm back. What a trip! Can you believe i went to vegas and didn't gamble a penny!? Here goes...

I know some people like me don't like to read these long posts so I'll be brief. Our adventure started the moment we went to pick up our car from the Enterprise rental booth. Well, it was more like our mini van! That's all they had left, but problem, we would be able to come back the following morning for a free upgrade. Now, everything was reserved before my trip- car and hotel. We arrive at the hotel (just getting a little lost on the way) and groggily make our way to checkin after getting lost in the parking lost. (by that time it must have been about 3:30 AM EST and they're time only 12:30. You will notice i get lost a lot, somehow when I drive, I always get lost... what is it????? Anyways, we drag our luggage all the way to check in (little did we know to temporarily park in the front and check in from the main entrance and not at the back of the hotel according to the directions the enterprise guy told us). We waited in line for almost an HOUR until finally it was our turn only to be told they only had a double bed in the smoking section, o yea and they didnt even have wireless in the "East Wing" where I reserved. Great, now I can't work from the hotel! Adding to our dismay, we find out the "east wing" is similar to a motel, near the parking garage and our room was at the end end. So much for $59 a night. Beware, in Vegas, NOTHING IS GUARANTEED they tell me. We came to our "motel room" pissed like H377. (read that upside down and backwards) We were exhausted, we didn't sleep the night before and it was almost 5AM our time (New york).
The next morning, our phones started ringing about 8 AM New york time, that's 5 in the morning for us. My sister in law forgot about the time zone difference. what's wrong with calling me at 10:45 AM? So that was my wake up call. I immediately found out that we were able to check out although i reserved two nights and booked a room in "The New Frontier" the cheapest hotel on the strip. We packed out of the hotel and went back to Enterprise. We upgraded our car and got a real nice one.. the make will come soon, i have to find out the name - I'm not good with cars and the hot ones out there, nor do i have an interest. Next, we went to get food (of course getting lost on the way). Word of advice: if you're in a hurry find out where kosher food is on the strip. I still didn't find it out yet. Albertson's has a nice amount of kosher food and a hot deli. Some Jewish man there makes the food. Across the street was a breakfast place called Panini, great food. So we bought breakfast and lunch to go and off we went to the tradeshow (we actually didn't get lost on the way, although we thought we did at one point).

The trade show was the most INTIMIDATING moment of my life!

to be continued... with pictures too!